5 Interesting and Fun Home Business Ideas

5 Interesting and Fun Home Business Ideas

1. Give Other People Permission to Use Your Photos… and Get Paid!


If you run a website, you need images for that site. And most website owners aren’t going to create those images from scratch, since it’s not really worth their time. They’d much rather pay someone to use existing images.

That’s what Stock Photography sites are for. If you’re a website owner, you go to a stock photography site, type in a word to describe the type of pictures you’re interested in, and then from those results choose pictures you like, pay for the right to use them, and place them on your site.

So where do all these pictures come from? Well, people just like you upload them, and every time one of your photos is used by a website, you get a bit of money.

It’s not much on a per usage basis, but multiply that by dozens, even hundreds of photos, and by hundreds of websites, and the money really starts to add up!

And you only have to upload photos once, and then the money can keep coming in for years. Of course, the more photos you upload, the more you can get paid! Get all the details here now.