Discover 5 Websites That Started on a Kitchen Table, and That Are...

Discover 5 Websites That Started on a Kitchen Table, and That Are Now Worth Millions

1. Making Millions of Dollars From Celebrity Gossip


Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr. decided to give himself the ‘stage name’ of Perez Hilton (a play on Paris Hilton) and start a celebrity gossip blog.

Quite soon, the site was receiving millions of visitors every day, and making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. And it’s continued earning more since then!

Due to the site’s popularity, Perez makes a lot of money through placing advertising on the site. Here’s how it works:

If for example your website pays you $2 for every 1,000 advertisement views, then if you’re only showing 500 advertisement views a day, your site will make a dollar a day!

But when your site is receiving millions of visitors a day, the numbers become a LOT more interesting.

The site is so established now, that Perez doesn’t write on the site much any more, as he has a team of writers who do that for him. But that hasn’t hurt his earnings at all.

If you’re interested in celebrity gossip, starting and running such a site may be just up your street, and there’s a LOT of people online reading celebrity news.

However the market is very competitive now, and unless your site really takes off by doing something very different to the existing sites, it’s unlikely you’ll make a huge amount of money.

These days you’re better off discovering profitable niches that aren’t hugely competitive. Then you can make money through advertising and promoting products. This website shows you exactly how to get started with this proven business model.